Palm Tree Skinning

Palm trees here in California especially come in countless species. Some are indigenous and most are imports from far away places like Egypt to the closer variation like Mexico. Either way, there is a myriad of maintenance that need to be done with them. Generally palm trees do exactly what’s right for them when it’s needed naturally.

Dead Fronds

For instance, they keep the dead palm fronds covering the delicate upper bark in the summer and keep it from burning and blistering. They drop those fronds to the ground naturally. They really need no help from us to live and flourish. But, when people are involved–there are hazardous things that palm trees can cause. Like, falling fronds on the heads of passersby. People scoring the trees causing lethal yellowing and other fungus to flourish, spread and kill them etc. So, Orange County Best Tree Service comes into play here. We do the skinning and skirting at the right season–not summer–unless there is a hazardous condition. We know our California palms.

Skinning Reasons

Sometimes palm trees look a bit unkempt and almost like they are dying when there is a perfectly healthy palm tree beneath the dead leaves and the browning trunk skin. There is a technique called palm tree skinning that actually takes care of that and allows the tree to breathe and stay healthier than they would if you allowed the dead fronds and skin left on it. Part of the danger of leaving things like this is the wildlife that can burrow in and beneath all the dead junk and eat away at the tree. You are also preventing nutrients from sinking into the tree as it should in some cases which invites fungus and disease and causes discoloration to the tree.

Skinning Assessment

Our certified Arborists will come and assess the trees. It may be that you have a self cleaning tree that sheds its fronds by itself and may need to be left alone otherwise you would damage it. If there are hazards to people and property however; we may have to come to an alternate solution. If after we assess the situation and can’t–then we may have to skin it anyway. This all depends on the type, size and location of the tree.

Skinning Inspection

The health and growth of the palm tree is the most important thing to consider, only second to the safety of those around the tree and the property near the tree that needs skinning. We will perform an inspection with several points that will give us an idea of several elements. One is, how close the fronds and area to be skinned is laying on the tree. When that is assessed then the correct equipment for your tree will be chosen. You’ll never see us up there swinging a machete or a wielding a chainsaw. Why? You’ve seen this before have you? This is dead wrong and will score the tree and invite fungus and disease that will rot it from the inside out without you noticing until it’s too late. Some of those trees are quite high and noticing things like that won’t be possible.

Skinning Process

The fronds are cut off one at a time working around the tree or one side at a time. Your leaves are disposed of in the fashion you discussed with the Arborist and the process is done until the next skinning takes place.


The leaves are disposed of in the fashion that you discussed with the person assessing the situation. The best and most economical ways of frond disposal will be discussed and decided prior to start.

At Orange County Best Tree Service the health of your trees and the safety of those around the trees as well as your property are paramount to us.

We will treat your trees as part of your family and a part of your life–because they are. They provide selfless shade, home to wildlife and beauty to the aesthetics of your property. We insure that we will give you the safest and most economical way to provide service than anyone in OC.