Commercial Tree Care

Commercial tree care is a necessary action to take when you are a business. You have the right people for the job with us.

We’ve been involved with many city projects as well as corporate parks and major office buildings in the area. In fact we’ve covered most of the county and have worked outside the county with repeat customers all the way around.

When people use us, they can see our mark everywhere on the property. We do more than just trim a tree, you can tell we were there and that we are still maintaining the property.

Tree Services

Our certified arborists are ones who will have the know how to look at your myriad of beautiful tropical and indigenous as well as non-indigenous trees, plants and shrubs. This is a very valuable skill and one that an ordinary landscaping and gardening service wouldn’t know. There are ways to trim, prune, remove , feed and plant trees of different types to prevent them from poisoning one another as well as prevent over growth and creating a home for certain creatures and bugs. It takes a tree scientist.


Our rates are competitive with any true tree service that are not just gardeners in disguise. They are not premium but you do receive premium services. Why? Because we know that it’s more valuable to keep people than to have those who will be a one-time thing. When we perform a “tree service” we are also beatifying your surroundings in such a way that it will be the way it’s supposed to look way into the future.

Our Arborists

Our arborists will be bar none, the most knowledgeable people. We make sure they are certified by the state of California before they start! Call now!