Emergency Services

Emergency tree services are needed for a multitude of reasons. There are so many reasons to have a tree trimmed or removed from your property and here at Orange County Best Tree Service we are on call 24/7 to get to you in the event you have a tree emergency.


We love all our customers, old and new. We do give scheduled priority to our old customers but will gladly schedule your tree removal as expediently as at all possible and give you the best and most professional service of anywhere in Orange County. We view new customer emergencies as a way to impress and earn your future business.

Quality Customer Care

One thing you can count on with Orange County Best Tree Service is the quality of customer care. You never have to worry about being patched into oblivion when an emergency occurs. We are standing by ready to take your call and if it is a heavy night like when there are local storms, earthquake or tremors–we won’t keep you waiting for long. We have a well trained customer service team that actually works or has worked in the field. You won’t get an “I don’t know if we can do that” out of us. Oh, no and we don’t outsource anything. No outsourced answering service and no outsourced tree service. We at Orange County Best Tree Service know our stuff and maintain impeccable communication with our customers.

Correct Equipment

We at Orange County Best Tree Service are equipped with the best and most suitable equipment. We have a fleet aside for emergency jobs. We are equipped with cherry pickers and ladders of every size to ensure we never–under any circumstance have to leave a job open and leave to get another piece of equipment. We also won’t–under any circumstance–abandon any job–large or small because we don’t have what it takes. There are some acts of God that we hope we never have to face–so far–California has been lucky. We have the expected climactic and seismic issues. These, at least barring anything on a Biblical scale we can handle. So call us immediately on the onset of a tree removal emergency.


While it’s true, you never know what will come up in an emergency. You may assess it all going one way and then Mother Nature will flip the script on you California style. This is the only thing we can guarantee–apart from having the most economical ways of approaching emergency tree service. We promise we will never leave you will a charge that is not directly relevant to the process. If it is something we can take a little time to assess better, then we will get a firmer grip on what it will take to clear the way.

It does sometimes hit gray areas because there are things of a legal and city nature to take into consideration first. If the tree blocking a roadway and how does your city deal with that and who pays? We at Orange County Best Tree Service make sure we know what we have to be responsible for and what we don’t. This causes less hassle on our part and on yours. Where are tree starts can be different to where it end up after a storm. So, we are very aware of the gray areas that you may not be aware of.

Personal Insurances

We are registered with the state of California. We know that in any tree service situation we may run into safety issues and some property issues. This is especially true with emergency tree service situations. Our reputation is impressive and we have strict precautions and rules of engagement that are followed to the T or the job doesn’t get done. We have required insurance including workman’s comp and liability insurance.

We at Orange County Best Tree Service insure that you have the most seamless experience you can have. We are a full service tree service. We can handle all of the tree service needs you have as well as the emergency tree services that arise out here.