Hillside And Brush Clearing

When you clear away brush on a hillside or anywhere on your property you will no longer be concealing a possibly beautiful view. You may also have some ideas for that property so you may have to clear some acreage. Or, you may simply have some great looking trees that you want to expose because it was left a while or you just bought a property that well–needs a little love. So, we at Orange County Best Tree Service wants you to know that we feel your need to accomplish something that is well, hard labor in most cases. You want it done and fast. So, here we will help you along in understanding what needs to be done and what you can expect from us through the process.


The first step is to call us and make an appointment for an initial consultation and assessment of your land so we can size up the situation. One thing you’ll learn very quickly about us at Orange County Best Tree Service is that we will never patch you out the middle of nowhere to stay on hold and then not answer your questions. We are expedient and we have trained Arborists on hand to answer your queries. If we don’t because we are out in the field working–we will certainly get you someone to call you back that day. We know how important your project is. There is never any project too small or too large–we treat all our clients equally.


Once we have determined you need an appointment, we’ll come out and survey your project. A written estimate will be given so you can decide. At the time of the survey you may take that time to ask the Arborist any questions you may have about the project. If you should have questions after we leave but before we start working you can call your Arborist directly or we’ll have them call you back.

What to Expect

Some of the work will be done by hand depending on the size of the project. The majority of the work will be done by large machinery.  So, provisions will then be made to have the machinery enter the land and all paperwork and safety and insurance information will be signed at that time. One thing about Orange County Best Tree Service is that we are trained Arborists as well as insured both with incident insurance and workman’s comp. This means that you’re covered. Hillside clearing and this type of heavy work can be dangerous. This is a concern for some but no need with us. If an accident happens with a land clearing personnel, then the insurance will cover them no matter what so you can rest assured you are in the hands of professional people.

Underbrush Management

The first order of business is to make sure we handle everything from the bottom up. This means killing that underbrush first. This is he area under the trees that probably have by now–if you’ve called us–taken over the land. If it has kept itself condensed to under the trees then removing it by hand with small tools and a team of as many as it takes to do the job fast. After this is completed, we reassess the situation and get the waste cleared out.
Did the fire department come out and order you to cut back the brush around your house?  In areas at high risk for fires, officials want to protect your community by doing everything possible to mitigate risk.  We’re here to do the work they asked you to do.

Employing the Backhoe

After we clear the parts of the underbrush with hand tools and a team–we will employ the backhoe. This is a great piece of equipment which takes a lot of the hard and time wasting work out of the job.

Other Power Tools

Most of the time on really large projects there is a need for smaller power tools to be employed such as chain saws to fell a smaller tree. The back hoe can only take care of larger area with more of a clearing so it can maneuver. The smaller power tools are done most likely a day after the back hoe is done. Once the hillside or brush clearing is done, it will be cleared in the way discussed.