Mission Viejo Tree Care & Sprinklers

Tree care is essential for any property whether it be a residential property or a commercial one. Trees are a great part of the aesthetics of a space as well as creating oxygen for us to breathe. It’s a beautiful exchange in nature.

But, if they aren’t taken care of properly, they will over grow, die, rot, contract diseases and also create a safety hazard that comes from fallen trees. Having a tree company to regularly maintain your trees is essential to keeping them lush and safe for a lifetime; this is the goal.

Having a tree company that have arborists and not just tree cutters or a lawn company is also essential. Arborists go to school prior to being hired and working in the field. They know about all tree species and they are well-equipped to cutting, pruning, and feeding, examining and treating trees.

We have arborists and not just tree cutters. This makes certain that the wrong move on a tree is not made, which will result in over growth or death of the tree and that of surrounding trees. Tree cutting, trimming, pruning and feeding is a science not guesswork.

Tree Removal

We offer express tree removal. We will remove fallen trees from your property and off your property structures. We can grind and mulch the tree for effective recycling as well. Call us for an estimate!

Tree Trimming

We offer skilled tree trimming services. We have professional arborists at your disposal. We will make sure your trees are trimmed to encourage proper rate of growth. Call us today to assess.

Sprinkler Repair

Have a broken sprinkler? This can ruin a system. Call us to make the repair properly and check your whole system to prevent future damage. Do it now before the summer heat.


Need a sprinkler system? We can put one in for you at a great rate. A well hydrated lawn is essential to proper lawn growth. Call us for an assessment and installation today.

Tree Pruning

We offer proper tree pruning. There is a difference between tree pruning and trimming. The difference is whether or not the tree stays trim or over grows. We are the professionals here!

Crown Reduction

The reduction of the crown or top of a tree is essential to maintain proper growth and fullness. There is a difference between crowning and topping which will deliver a different result.


Skirting, like crowning is encourages proper growth and fullness. We can skirt and trim your tree as well as prune in one affordable package. These are the most important services for a tree owner. Improper growth is costly and unsafe. Call us today for a tree assessment.

Palm Tree Skinning

Palm tree skinning is something many palm tree owners aren’t aware of. It’s the process of removing the outer skin of a palm tree to allow it to breathe and to grow properly without it collecting harmful bugs and vermin that can eat it while nesting within.

Emergency Services

We know how much of a hassle a fallen tree can be. It’s mainly a safety hazard and this does not only occur in storms, it occurs in wonderful weather with rotting trees falling without warning. Fallen trees block traffic and heaven forbid fall on a person.


Topping is a service that is not recommended for everyone. Topping instead of crowning is only done after a certified arborist arrives and assesses the issue. Tree crowning is normally recommended for the proper growth of a tree. Topping the wrong tree causes uncontrolled growth which isn’t good.


Tree shaping is not a fancy thing like topiary. Shaping takes an over grown tree and simply cleans it up into a standard shape. That shape can be a box or a tear drop or pear shape. This makes the tree grow more towards that shape over time.

Fruit Tree Care

Fruit tree care is an individual thing between trees. We know what to do and how to feed and plant these trees for optimal growth. We also make sure they don’t poison other trees when their root chemistry doesn’t match. This is true for any tree.

Deep Root Feeding

Deep root feeding is essential for the proper growth of trees that are older and rooted deeply in the soil. This delivers nutrients deep into the soil so that the roots take in several different natural chemicals that are delicious to the tree. Call for yours today.

Even if you have a gardener and or a tree person who comes to give your trees that trim and fertilizer every once and a while, give yourself a treat and try us.

We guarantee that the experience way outweighs the price. It is the best service in the county. We have more than just a tree and garden service, we have certified arborists that will come and give you a service you won’t get with just any gardener or Landscape Company.

You would have a hard time getting this kind of tree care with anyone other than a certified arborist. We are well-educated and know the ins and outs of every tree species alive. This means we aren’t arbitrarily cutting your trees and making them grow back any kind of way.

This is a danger to the trees and your entire garden as well as your property. You need people that can cut, prune, trim and skirt a tree with a particular end game in mind.

When you do this improperly or arbitrarily then you have an issue with over growth or undergrowth. You may also be planting trees that root poison other trees. This is a science better left to the tree scientists—the arborist.