Sprinkler Repair

Repair and Replacement of PVC piping, Parts and Control Units are unfortunately, like anything else, susceptible at times to problems like the age of controllers and pipes, soil excavation accidents, to an electrical control failure.

Although, we are happy to report that many issues can be a simple procedure when fixing a leak. Affordable service visits, fairly priced parts, emergency contact numbers, are all to have you realize why so many people like to deal with Orange County Sprinkler and Sprinklers.

We are big customer service advocates and we believe in good karma … which is essentially to say that we appreciate you and act like it!

You might be looking at this site due to:

1.      PVC Pipe Leaks or Breaks

2.      A Broken or Leaky Connector

3.      A Broken or Malfunctioning Sprinkler Head

4.      System Damage for Plant Roots

5.      Failure of Control Unit or Sensor

6.      Valve repair

Fortunately, if your system was initially installed by us, the need for repairs is frankly, minimized!

Quality materials, expert and knowledgeable installation, and a company with the ethics to also stand behind their work can make us as lonely as that old Maytag guy on a Throwback Thursday!

But, as said, sometimes you’ll need us … maybe even in a hurry. Rest easy, we have 24/7 support, trained, licensed irrigation experts at your service.

  • Same Day Service Repairs are a trademark of our success!
  • Commercial & Residential Sprinkler Installation & Repair
  • We assess both Leaks And Dry spots.
  • Functionality Assessments of older systems
  • Spray Area Assessments – eliminate watering of impervious ground covers
  • Assessing the most frugal manner to repair or replace is our mission. We’re frankly interested in your long haul satisfaction (and referrals, hint hint!)
  • Annual Sprinkler check-ups recommended
  • Pop up Head repair and replacement
  • HUGE Inventory of most Sprinkler Head varieties

Our Customers are our best advertisement. Now over a dozen years strong, we are proud of a customer base that we have grown by treating certain aspects of service as standard operating procedure.

Leadership and Staff here at Orange County Best Tree Care and Sprinklers are enthusiastic about embracing the things that make us better people.   Honest, Ethical, Can-Do Attitudes have fueled our success. Please let us know if you were referred by one that already knows this about us first hand!