Sprinkler Services

Stressed, Scratchy, Brown yard got you down? Yeah right – Green is the new Brown?! Not feelin’ it!

You can be water wise in your conservation efforts, sure, but trade Green … for Brown?

A sprinkler system professionally installed and programmed can be environmentally sensitive and an excellent source of satisfaction…. for all of your senses!!!

HEAR … the buzz of the lawn mower … instead of breathing in a dust bowl!

LOOK … at that LUSH green yard … a spectacular Emerald City thing going on when we see our residence surrounded in our beautiful sprinkler rigged lawn.

SMELL … that Mmm smell … love that smell – the GREEN. The earthy goodness, and that “fresh cut lawn” scent that is associated with all those good vibes.

TOUCH … OH YEAH. Tip toe on a dense soft carpet, Sit and sweep your fingers through tender young blades of green, lounge and luxuriate when you sneak a relaxing moment in … your lawn becomes a destination!

TASTE …Er … NO! And no Dandelion Greens either, the way that our landscaping division likes to take care of things! But … I think we’ve made our point!

We can program and suggest a sprinkler schedule that is optimal to deal with California sunny days and its tendency to burn out lawns.

Different Irrigation Drip systems or a variety of multi-sized nozzled sprinkler systems are only the beginning to your Emerald City. You don’t even have to follow the Yellow Brick Road in your quest for solutions.

We’re all business and not near so whimsical though when it comes to meeting all your SPRINKLER needs.

  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Sprinkler Repair
  • Sprinkler System Maintenance
  • Sprinkler System Pressure Regulation
  • Replace Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Repair Sprinkler Leaks
  • Troubleshoot, Diagnose and Repair Sprinkler Issues
  • Stuck Actuator
  • Leaky Sprinkler Pipes or Valves
  • Malfunctioning Sprinkler Control Box
  • Sprinkler System Tune Up
  • Reprogramming Sprinkler Control Unit

With over a dozen years of experience, put the installation and maintenance of your Sprinkle System in the hands of an experience professional at Orange County Tree Care and Sprinklers.

Time to make the neighbors jealous!

Irrigation and Sprinklers

Keeping your grass healthy and your residential or business landscape wet and green in Southern California’s hot, dry, and, at times, windy conditions, can be a tall order if you are relying on Mother Nature! Grasses, Shrubs and other plant material frankly can become tinder-box ready and potentially vulnerable to brushfires.

Drought stress can stunt the growth of young trees, reduce the production of fruit bearing trees and can leave a plant burnt, wilted and shriveled!

Scheduled water applications at sufficient intervals can produce very different results. Tested for mineral content and treating these issues accordingly can further enhance vegetation.

Actually, too much of a good thing can also be devastating to plant material. Seasonally timed, time of day, and measured amounts of watering can all be critical to striking the proper balance. We are happy to manage these decisions for you – taking guesswork out of the equation. More trees, believe it or not, are lost to over-watering than many other causes. Too much of a good thing! You’ve heard the story.

We evaluate and take many things into consideration when we assess your landscape’s individual needs:

  1. Soil type – Water retention varies with a Sandy versus Clay types.
  2. Plant types, Plant age, and plant coverage
  3. Projecting values for daily water consumption
  4. Applying efficiency standards for compliance
  5. Evaporation equation projections
  6. Daily Calendar Temperature Projections for optimal sprinkler times
  7. Seasonal Calendar consumption differences

Choosing the Best system type – Whether opting for a Daily Drip Irrigation Methods or choosing Scheduled Sprinkler Soaking Sessions throughout the week. These decisions and also Making Assessment Adjustments are all educated decisions best arrived at with the assistance of a professional.

We have a multitude of choices that we can help you navigate.

  • Fixed Spray Sprinklers
  • Rotating Sprinklers
  • Lawn & Garden Sensors
  • Central Control Systems
  • Low Volume Drip Irrigation
  • Planters Drip Systems
  • Zone and Timer sensitive Controls
  • Seasonal Maintenance Updates

Your Satisfaction is Valued at Orange County Tree Care and Sprinklers.