Stump Grinding

So you have a stump from a previous tree removal or one that another homeowner left you to grind and you’re thinking–what to do about this? Most people don’t know what to do with a dead stump so they do one of two things–leave it there, or, get rid of it. But how? It’s attracting ants and termites and other interesting things and I want it out of here! So, you call Orange County Best Tree Service. Why? We will let you know right here.


Unless you are going into commercial stump grinding, you will not get a very good ROI on your investment. You will also need to have a lot of energy to expend to use it. It’s not the easiest piece of machinery to use. Small stump grinders are very expensive and if you’ve never done it before–you may have to extend your rental period and that costs more.

Stump Hazards

There is a reason why people don’t want to leave a stump hanging around. It’s a hazard. And I a few ways no one thinks about until they are vexed by the result. A tree stump, regardless of whether it’s right at the foot of the home or way out there in the yard will attract things that bother the home. The wood is near to the roots which can still hold water for a while as well as grow fungus.

This attracts an ecosystem of bugs and things that need this type of ideal environment to live, breed and flourish. The flora that will grow around and on tree stumps of certain trees will be creating a colony. Some of this ecosystem include ants which can and will make a traveling army to your house for food to bring back to the stump home. Subterranean termites are another big one as well as above ground ones. In June, when breeding season happens, they will look like flying ants and you can catch a glimpse of them around the stumps. These, once in, are a costly thing to get rid of. If you live in tropical or subtropical climates–you may get a run of water bugs and roaches. This is very true for California homes.


If you’ve had us remove the tree from your home or, you have more than one stump to be removed–you can be eligible for a discount. We can also make the stump into wood chips for you. Just ask. Orange County Best Tree Service will do whatever it takes to earn your business–no and for the future. You know, from reading our unique service pages that we know the ins and outs of all species of trees. We offer certified Arborists and a knowledgeable tree service. We assess more thoroughly than anyone in Orange County so you never spend for what you don’t need. Most of our customers are repeat clients and keep coming back for all their tree service needs.

Large Expanses of Land

If you should have large expanses of land that is in need of stump clearing–we have the best flat rates in Orange County. Why pay by the hour when you don’t know how long it may take you? Nature is a tricky thing and we at Orange County Best Tree Services are in tune with her. We can assess a job well enough to give the best estimate and we will never do anything without your OK first, should we run into trouble. At Orange County Best Tree Services–we communicate to educate. The best thing to do it you have a large expanse of land is to survey it for tree trouble! If you have trees that need to be assessed as to whether they are dead or alive, if it’s pruning, trimming or skirting season then take stock and greater discounts can be had when you use Orange County Best Tree Service for more than one job.

Call Orange County Best Tree Services for your stump grinding work as well as tree trimming and pruning, landscaping and more. We want to be the ones you think of when you think trees!