Tree Skirting

Tree Skirting is a process by where a skilled and reputable tree service like Orange County Best Tree Service will remove the dead, damaged or healthy but obstructive branches of a tree. However; some trees are only to be skirted at certain times during the year to prevent damage to the tree. At Orange County Best Tree Service you can count on having a knowledgeable staff of service people that will know just how and when to deal with the species of tree to be skirted.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are one of those tree species that are in need of skirting BUT it is essential that you do the skirting at the right time. The summer is never the time to skirt. Palm trees drop their fronds naturally. But, skirting in the summer means that the trunk that it shades will be burned and blistered without it and causing damage to the tree.

Palm Tree Fungus Prevention

Trees have their own way of protecting themselves. The things we do to them are often times unintentional but there is a large risk of tree fungus that will kill a tree and even spread to others when we do it ourselves. People tend to use machetes and chain saws to skirt palms and this is a giant no-no. If you create a situation like over score–the marks that are left are slow to heal and open to the fungus and it’s deadly. Make sure you call us in the fall to skirt your trees if you find that the naturally dropping fronds would be a hazard to others or property.

Other Tree Skirting

On any tree, you have to be very prudent about why you are skirting. You also have to know which branches you will remove, how it will affect the tree in the future and how far apart the branches should be etc. there is a science and art to trimming, pruning and skirting the tree.

Educated Staff

Here at Orange County Best Tree Service you have a great team of not only tree service people but those who are certified Arborists. They are licensed and educated to know each species of tree and what a skirting will do to it. They know just by a glance whether past skirting has harmed it and what to do to rectify it if you can. They will let you know what season is good for skirting or not and they will suggest alternatives that are good for both you and the tree If skirting is a danger to the health and longevity of the tree.

Competitive Pricing

We have the most competitive pricing in Orange County. You’ll never overspend. So, how can we guarantee the best rates in the Orange County area? We can and without sacrificing quality. We provide knowledge of what you need to do, how and when which means you don’t spend on a service you don’t need.

Size Doesn’t Matter

We can take care of any size tree. From a great royal palm to a small ficus we have you covered. We have the best state-of-the-art equipment that will handle any skirting, trimming, pruning or other tree service you can think of. We handle it so that you don’t have to worry about yourself, the lawn guy or a well willing neighbor scaring the trees. We know that can lead to fungus and disease but we can curtail that. We wouldn’t think of using a chainsaw or machete on your precious living trees.

Any Property

We can handle your yard, big or small and any commercial property. You can rest assured your tree, whether indoor or outdoor, Orange County Best Tree Services should be the first service you call. We have superior knowledge about the area and the trees that inhabit it whether they are indigenous or they are native.

When you are looking for the people you will call over and over again for any property you may have landscaped for life–you can call us. You will never be patched out to a person who doesn’t know how to answer your questions. Call us now.