Tree Trimming

We at Orange County Best Tree Service are well acquainted with what it takes to maintain landscaping. We have been in the area long enough to know what it takes to help you maintain your landscaping through the climate changes we have here. There are so many factors that effect the earth and your land here due to seismic activities that shift the earth beneath your home and yard. But we’re the pros and we have the most knowledgeable staff that can serve all your tree servicing needs.

Assessment and Estimates: First step to take is call Orange County Best Tree Services. Talk to a professional tree service person–not just customer care. We are big enough to serve you but not too big. We don’t outsource anything anywhere so you won’t be patched out to the middle on nowhere. You will actually speak to a trained professional that works directly out in the field. We will assess your tree service needs and then come out for an inspection where a written estimate will be given.

Schedule the Service: Once you accept the estimate–and we are confident you will–because we are that competitive–we will start the job. By then, we will have gone over time, cost and equipment used as well as any special instructions and we are good to go.

Education: For some–the difference between trimming and pruning may become confused. We run into this a lot. We don’t just show up and do a job–we will educate you. We have a very well educated group of service people who will tell you if you’ve misunderstood. You see, pruning is what we would do to protect the tree or the shrub. Trimming is to shape and encourage proper growth in order to have a healthy tree. It is also done in situations when you have a tree that is near power lines and need them cleared. This is an undertaking you should not do yourself.

State of the Art Tools: We have the latest power trimmers used to trim trees to a better standard. The trees outgrow the trimming in a fuller and healthier state. We will come back bi annually to trim the tree and keep it maintained for the year. We will also do its pruning once per year. We can keep your flowering trees beautiful with a trimming in the spring and winter.

Tree Trim Inspection: We send a certified Arborist which will securely climb and inspect the trees to make sure there are no cracks, splints or other hazardous conditions that have developed because of overgrowth. Then, an estimate after a conversation with you can be made. When a tree or tree grouping is overgrown and intertwined it can cause a hazardous issue. It can get in the way of now, invisible power lines or possibly get blown into a roof, windows or other parts of the property and will cost you a lot of money to rectify. A tree inspection is a valuable service in and of itself because its what will tell you if a tree is dead and rotting or dying. It will let you know if the tree is diseased in any way and if it can be saved. Its like having a check up and the processes that are done are called tree surgery. For example–sometimes you have a tree that needs to just be trimmed to bring back the health and vitality. Other times, in the process of tree trimming–it is discovered that the tree has spots in the trunk that need to be cut out or fungus that was hidden by the overgrowth that need to be removed.

Tree trimming is seemingly simple and because of that misconception–people try to do it themselves. Now you can understand through the education on this site–why Orange County Best Tree Service offers such a comprehensive tree service. We know it means more than just taking off limbs. Because the wrong limb cut can mean a detrimental situation for that tree and more money to fix it or remove it than you bargained for.