Got Trees? Five Things You’ve Never Heard of But Need to Know

We love our trees in America, and certainly in California. We’re lucky for a lot of reasons: we live in a climate that affords us a wide diversity, the leafy varieties offer a green solution to keep our homes cooler in the summer, and we get to enjoy the fruits of avocado, orange and lemon trees without leaving our yards.

But there’s a lot to know about maintaining your trees — how to make sure they have a long, healthy, pest-free life. Here are five things we bet you didn’t know:

1. Don’t use wound paints

You might get a recommendation from your pruning company or lawn guy to apply special wound paint to the tree afterward. Don’t. Like all of nature, trees can heal their own wounds. They were here way before wound paint was, and they’ve gotten along just fine.

2. Crown your tree and give it a crotch

There is crowning and then there is topping — but we’re going to resist all kinds of jokes and just say this: there are two ways to reduce a tree’s size. Don’t use topping, which carries a high risk of eventually killing the tree. Instead, crown your tree, which includes cutting branches such that it looks like a crotch afterward. Or call a professional service like Orange County Best Trees and we’ll crown it the right way for you.

3. No skirts in the summer

While fine for humans, it’s terrible for your palm trees. Skirting a palm tree is necessary and good for tree health – it’s the way to remove dead, damaged or obstructive branches. But if you do it to a palm tree in the summer, you leave it unprotected and prone to blistering. And please don’t use a machete! How would you like someone to take a machete to you? Using a machete causes the tree to have wounds that are slow to heal, open to fungus and can be deadly. Just like what would happen to you.

4. If you’re stumped, call a professional

Tree stumps should be removed, but by an expert. We are extensively trained, plus, the stump removal tools are not easy for a novice. At the same time, leaving a stump is not only dangerous, but it’s also a perfect breeding ground for ants . . . who will send out an army to your house to find food to bring back to the stump home. If you have multiple stumps, we not only are the best at removing them, we offer affordable flat rates.

5. Xeriscape

it’s good for you. Not only do you have a new word for Scrabble, but you also have saved your variety of trees. While xeriscaping has principally been a practice of careful planting to plan water conservation, in this case, we mean being careful not to plant incompatible varieties close that can kill each other. We are available to consult on this for you, but you can also look up your varieties yourself to find out which plants should not be planted near each other.

Orange County Best Trees is a professional team of experts who can help with any of the above at an affordable price and leave you with an exceptional-looking property. After all, we knew everything above. And we don’t use machetes.

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